Can you bear another (and pic heavy) Banana Republic suit post? Boy, if that company knew how minutely we examine their products, they might offer us an extra discount.

Up for consideration, the navy suit from BR that Sveta bought, with the two button jacket.

I have been in the market for a suit for some time. Some of you have asked me why on earth I would want one. After all, I work from home and in a creative field. I can wear pretty much whatever I want.

Why would I want a suit? Because Angie said so! And besides, what self-respecting Urban Prince can be without one?

In all seriousness, I don't doubt the wisdom of this purchase for a single second. A suit is absolutely right for my style -- as long as it is modern, comfortable, and flexible.

Let's consider this one.

I have had a lot of problems with the light -- so I've overexposed a bunch of these to allow you to see a bit better. I have tried it in a couple of different ways I might wear it. Also showing it buttoned up with sleeves down instead of scrunched, for better fit estimations. I would probably never wear it that way. I'm an inveterate and unregenerate sleeve scruncher.

And then I have broken it up in a variety of ways. These are possibilities only -- not necessarily outfits I'd actually wear. Just testing for versatility.

What think you?

  1. Is the fit good? Do these pants qualify as a fluid fit? (Note: I have pinned them up a bit but they are not even, and I'm not sure the length is correct, either.)
  2. Is it modern enough on me, or does the two button stance kill the modernity?
  3. Do the pieces work broken up as well as together?
I'll save my own thoughts until I've heard some of yours. I will say that the comfort factor is high.

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