I've been thinking a lot about colors I like but are just OK on me. Fortunately most of my favorite colors love me back! But sour brights make me look kind of sallow and don't brighten my complexion like warmer, rich jewel tones. How to get around it: mix 'em together (like my favorite black, emerald, and citron blouse.)

This blouse is less of a cheat because at least the sour color is blue, and would look OK on me in a solid color But I feel like it works better (and is more interesting) than if it were plain due to the checkerboard of cobalt shot through the long floaty tunic. Plus cobalt matches with my favorite purse. Gotta love that.

Come to think of it, these titanium specs have a similar effect. The chartreuse inner color is more sour, less earthy, than what I would wear in a solid colored top. But pair it with greenish bronze as the outer color, and it warms up the bright color.

I took a simple approach to styling the blouse. No layers outside of my cobalt trench when going outside, though to stay warm I have an extra layer underneath. Sleeves worn with the tab up but not rolled; they quickly became un-scrunched as you can see.
My bottom half is more structured. Navy seamed, thick high waisted leggings with knee high black, low heeled boots.

I'm including the scent I wore first today even though this one let me down: Olfactive Studios Lumiere Blanche. This one is just bland on me. If I apply the same amount of perfume I would for any other scent, I get some muted spice and the FAINTEST creamy sandalwood, then nothing. I doubled up today in hopes that I might smell something more-I LOVE cardamom and cinnamon-but all I got was very bitter anise, then milliners that faded away almost as quickly as the first time.
Thank goodness this was just a sample so I can move on.

I often carry a Lush solid perfume in my purse, so I applied a tiny bit of Lush Yog Nog (a heavy on the nutmeg, spiced eggnog scent) once I gave up on Lumiere Blanche. Much happier! I didn't realize it but the boring and bitter perfume was making me feel cranky. I like solids because you can carefully control the application of scent-making them great for work. I like to apply a dab behind my ears. This scent is great in liquid format too for those of us who love spicy gourmands.

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