The blue double strap Fidji loafers arrived on Monday. The are gorgeous in person, and the leather is a very soft and lovely deep blue. They are also somewhat sleeker than they appear in the photo, with a gently pointed toe. I wonder if they are perhaps too sleek/refined for my pretty chunky legs? Photo 1 is them on my feet, Photo 2 with my navy linen trousers, and Photo 3 with relaxed fit trousers, rolled a bit to show the ankle - this is how I would mostly wear them, I think.

At first they were just this side of uncomfortable, but I added a half insert, which raised my foot just enough to keep the sides from digging into my ankle, and I also loosened both straps by one notch. They do pinch a bit at the toes - I have never worn pointy toed shoes and so my feet do not taper like most women - but the leather is supple and I think will stretch to accommodate, plus these are meant to be professional shoes, not pound the pavement city shoes.

I have nothing even remotely like this in my wardrobe. I love the idea of them, I love the color, I love the vaguely steampunk/witchy vibe. I'm not sure if I need to keep them because they are like nothing I have, or if I need to return them because they are like nothing I have. I would wear them as work shoes, so mostly with trousers (as shown in Pics 2 and 3) and I desperately need a closed work shoe in navy. I do think they could fit into my East Meets Wild Wild West style, given that the second "wild" is meant to connote a sort of fantasy Edwardian vibe.

Well sorry for the novel ... in short, Keep or Return, Fabbers?

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