Lyn67, how do you wear yours? Mine looks straight in that pic—I was trying to make it swing, and most of the material swung around in back, but it actually has a bit of a flare. It’s tucked away for now, but I’m pretty sure it’s another Moda International piece. I have seen Next merchandise in stores here & like a lot of their things. On this post being exhausting—whew, yes! I got worn out long ago, but in between the basso profundo there were many helpful, productive comments and suggestions. I know we are supposed to respond to each commenter by name, but it got really re-iterative and I cannot come up with any more fresh responses. But like you, I’ve learned a lot. I hope you’ll post pix the next time you wear your skirt.

A little late to the party here. Just wanted to say that #22 looks fab on you with the deep colouring & pattern as well as the cut. Also curious which fantasy event you were planning to save #13 for?

I like skirts and dresses like 15 and 16 that hit you on or just below the knee You have good legs and this length shows them off without looking too short. I would suggest shortening the longer dresses and let out hems or purging the ones that are now too short.

Oh also in terms of keeping quiet when being asked a question, I think some of this may have to do with the forum's lack of ability to 'tag' people directly - so instead of receiving notifications of where exactly we were 'mentioned', we just see colours indicating whether there have been new responses to a thread.

I hope such a feature may be introduced in the future but, for now, that can lead to people* becoming a little overwhelmed trying to find the needle 'mention' in the haystack of new replies.

*Or maybe that's just me, returning to the forum again after a while?

Zaeobi, thanks for stopping by. You’re always such a sweetheart. How have you been? Am I correct that you are living in one of the places that has done well in battling this virus? I agree with you very much on how useful tags would be.
22 was a Florida purchase, but then I decided I couldn’t wear it there, because it really needs tights. I’ve been having a surprisingly (to me anyway) difficult time styling it. Tonal matches for the background color don’t seem right with the print, and when I try things in the colors in the pattern, they run into each other so it’s too much navy or too much pink, or the juxtaposition is too jarring. I’m a little irritated, because I was excited about wearing it here.
The outfit and event for 13 are the dress with a black lace body stocking, silver necklace, combat boots, black oversized moto jacket, and blue suede gloves, worn when a certain someone comes to visit (I’ve planned out my wardrobe in detail for a week, lol—we were just starting to actually plan his visit when Covid happened) to something like these concerts. He’s a musician, so I’ll let him pick. My (fantasy) wardrobe for that week is just for various venues where he chooses the shows we see.

ETA I saw your posts about the yellow dress and about that trying time when teachers were having to prepare both digital and in-person classes. I’m glad you got through that! Many of my friends did that as well.