I first heard this term on one of Amy Smilovic's IG reels, and it's stuck with me since (but she is starting to annoy me so I watch less of them - she takes SO long to explain things) . Brooklyn referred to this - using different language- in her post yesterday, and forum members like Jenn , LaPed, Irina, Helena , Suz , and of course Angie, come to mind as those who successfully use their clothing across many uses and situations .

I don't. At all. And it's bugged me since reading about Amy S's proclamation that you should be able to wear (obviously not every single piece) a jersey knit top to hike, go to lunch , go to work , go out for an evening etc. I have a VERY bifurcated wardrobe, and it's really inefficient, and taking up too much room because there are so many pieces that are too specific . It also takes me forever to truly wear something out , so I'm passing clothing along because I'm tired of seeing it my closet for years on end (workout gear, outdoor stuff, special occasion pieces) . Obviously if you wear your clothes more often and in many situations you can turn your closet over more often and keep it more modern and fresh looking without feeling like you're creating needless churn. And then .....FEWER AND BETTER can happen!

Amy illustrated an example of how she uses her clothes to hike in as opposed to buying stuff created specifically for that reason that is often not her aesthetic: bright colours, synthetic fabrics, tight silhouettes etc. The illustration was so good - so clear in showing how you can end up with clothes that aren't really you, just because you don't know what else to wear.

So this is a goal I've set for this year - to use my clothes across more situations /occasions , and create a look that is really "me".
I NEVER wear any of my extensive work wardrobe (black pants, tops, sweaters, dresses, sneakers, boots, shoes) outside of work. Ever. Partly because I'm resentful of having to follow a strict dress code, lol, thus wearing a version of the same thing EVERY g-d---- day. I don't wear my exercise/outdoor stuff for anything other than that, and don't touch my "good" pieces unless I'm going out for dinner/drinks or something like that. Holiday wear? Pff - it's a joke! I have had the same stuff for years, never really update it, but also never wear it. Combine all of these slices of the wardrobe/life pie and one could collect a far better bunch of clothing that gets worn across the board.

Does this concept interest you? Have you achieved a seamless wardrobe? Or are you as bifurcated (isn't that a great word?) as I? Thoughts on how to achieve this goal? Where to start?

Sorry if I'm rambling or if I repeated myself. I lost an entire paragraph clicking the bold button somehow- and completely lost the flow. Anyways, I look forward to hearing what others do, and how they do it.