It seemed to happen overnight, but then again it really didn't. I looked around the other day and realized that there are only 3 people in our group of roughly 50 employees that are older than me. And one is the CEO.

When I started this job 5 years ago, I wasn't even the oldest in my department, never mind one of the oldest in the building. There were a couple of men in their late 60's , a woman a few years older than me, and one my age. Two nurses were older too. But of course through retirement, and the workplace nightmare that COVID dealt us , people left. If you didn't need to work, it was a good time to quit/retire and most of them did . I'm kind of the last person standing outside of the other 2 in management .

According to one of the finance people, the job market has completely changed, and no one my age or a bit younger is looking for a part time job or a secondary post-retirement career. It's all young people , which is a whole other issue. Anyways, I still have to and want to work for another couple of years and it's becoming more important than ever to remain relevant beyond just my skill set (which the young people don't even come CLOSE to matching, lol) . In a building full of younger people, many of whom are in their 20's still , I don't want to stand out as one of the old people. But neither do I want to look like I'm dressing and doing hair and makeup for a TikTok video .

If I didn't have to work, I know for a fact that my wardrobe would be much different, and more in tune with my style goals. I'd probably not colour my hair anymore, and makeup would be much less of a consideration. But I'm front facing, dealing with 00's of people a day, under overhead spotlights and other lighting travesties , and being au naturel is not a great idea. I have to project energy and competence, and have to be able to run up and down stairs and in a out of a massive fitness area hroughout the day without looking like I can't keep up.

So in addition to being obsessed with health and my middle-of-the-road fitness level, I worry about not looking tired and old. And not dressing that way. Can any of you who still work and are of a certain age relate to this? (I'm turning 62 in a couple of weeks - holy mother of god how did that happen?) I'm still wearing Vans, joggers, Birkenstocks, cropped flared jeans, but also patent flatform sandals and silk tanks and crepe pants . All over the place, really. I keep my hair current, but is it? I wear makeup but is it too gaudy? I'm a bit freaked out , if you didn't notice.

All thoughts and advice welcome.