Here was my outfit for yesterdays Thanksgiving dinner (restaurant with DH, mom, and FIL). Was a cold (mid 40s) day with a bit of light rain.

Kate Spade bag and silk blouse- I get dressed with a little help from my (ylf) friends Bag from Nemosmom, blouse from Irina!
Coat and pleather leggings- Banana Republic from 2021.
Boots- new L'Artiste, they're becoming workhorses already.
Copper earrings- consignment find. Probably my most worn pair.
Burnout velvet scarf- from Gypsy Silks at the RenFaire, bought many years ago.
Plus- new ponytail straight version in brown, which I braided. It's much easier to brush than the curly one, and feels silkier.

Would have posted WIW to mom's on Thanksgiving day, but it was just a repeat of my Mikah kintsugi top and wide leg cargo pants.