Apropos today's blog and ALWAYS, it is hard for me to find dresses. I would actually like to have the chance to have styling problems, but can't even get out of the gate.

I would never have even more than glance at this AP dress had not Angie noted it's longer than it looks in photo.
I read the description which said 40" ( size 8)--promising even if shorter in my size. Also the photo depicts slight A- line vibe, and I'm not fitting well in more classic sheath dresses, so I ordered it.

It's a keeper! It's not actually "long" but covers top of kneecap . I'm surprised it only measures 37" from back neckline but the neckline is not quite at nape (37" usually is too short). It has a skimming fit so does not shimmy up like a fitted sheath will do on me.

I don't have an " occasion" in mind per se, but am keeping it for the elusive dress capsule. I think it can dress up and down a bit; not for work, but church or weddings and parties. It actually works with warmer opaque tights as well as dressy sheer hose.

Thought I would post with measurement in case someone else is interested.
Thanks again, Angie!