I have a hard time returning items when I am in love with the idea of them, even if my head tells me that it is just not going to work.

This recently happened to me when I spied this dress on the Outnet. It was so perfect for me EXCEPT it did not fit. At first I was thinking should I hold onto it and wait until I lose weight (cause I am always intending to lose about 5lbs...) I can't get the next size up because this was the very last dress that they had and no further sizes.

Then I remembered the wonderful advice that Gryffin recently gave me about her personal rule:

"I am an internet shopper. If it doesn't fit it must be reboxed and sent back within 24 hr, unless I am trying it with things or waiting for a different size. I will tell you my personal rule. If you love it so much that must immediately go into protective custody and you could not physically pack it back up, you've got a winner. If you can rebox it without angst, it's just not good enough. That's helped me a lot."

So whilst the dress is divine, it needs to go to someone who it actually fits (slaps forehead - I mean what on earth was I thinking...). It is now boxed up and the courier will collect it tomorrow.

Thank you Gryffin. I would otherwise have possibly had that dress in my closet for 5 years barely if ever worn and I know I would have regretted the purchase. You helped me make the right decision. Both me and the beautiful dress are better off this way.

Dress - REDValentino from Outnet - one will soon be in stock in Size 40 / US Size 4