Happy birthday! What a fabulous birthday breakfast : ) Thank you for sharing the photos of your boys - you make such a beautiful family.

I love these pictures! Such happiness and so darn cute, you, your husband and your pup!

Happy belated birthday, Angie! You are a beautiful person - inside and out - and I love reading your blog. I've learned so much from you and put some of that wisdom to use yesterday when I was out shopping!

Looks like you had a spectacular start to the day yesterday.

Late commenting on this thread! Like I said on Facebook, I just love this photo of you. You look soooo happy. I am loving that shade of blue on you. Makes me want something in that color. Greg is also looking mighty dapper, and well Sam... he wins the grand prize.

Gertrude & Tad also have that little hedgehog toy; it lives at grandmas house so they play with it when they spend the night there. So fun.

I'm late with the birthday wishes, so I hope you are continuing your celebrations all weekend. More cake for brekkie today?

You are the very picture of joyful style in pic 1. It makes me happy just to look at how radiant and delighted you are, and that jumper is gorgeous on you. Greg looks dapper as always and...oh be still my heart...wee Sam is precious. Thank you for sharing a slice of your day and I wish you a year filled with happy happy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, ladies. I am simply humbled and dazzled by your affection and kind words. WOW! It's a very meaningful gift to me. My heart is beating very fast right now. ((((HUGS ALL ROUND))).

I had cake THREE times yesterday, and with lots of strong, hot tea. Apple & Almond Brioche, Lemon Madeleine, Strawberry Macaron and Coconut Macaron. It was blissful.

Jackie, Lexi is a sweetie and looks so much like Sam. Great to see you here. Sam sends tail wags and kisses back.

Colette, Ginger is adorable and the best companion. Mama's girl.

Natalie, it's VERY fun that we share a birthday. I'm honoured.

Maneera, thanks for chiming in so generously from your holiday with very dodgy internet. Means the world to me.

I had a brilliant day. There was lots of "Greg and Sam" time, beautiful and adorable presents, walks, browsing in home decor shops, and outstanding dinner at Nishino with dear friends. I am soooo very grateful and happy. Your love for me here added a great deal to my special day. Much love to all of you.

Beautiful couple and Sam is just the cutest
The blue sweater is gorgeous.

I love that total look of glee in your eyes. Have a fabulous day!!

Belated birthday wishes! Hope it was a wonderful day. Oh, and beautiful pictures!

The first picture of you is amazing - kudos to Greg for stopping a precious moment like this! It sounds like your birthday was a truly special day - as you rightfully deserve.
Much love to you (and Sam is adorable bed making helper)!