Happiest birthday, dearest Angie! You sound so joyful and it's infectious as I read about your lovely day of being celebrated!

Greg and Sam are raffish and handsome, and I love both the dress and the sweater. Enjoy your birthday night, now! Hugs.

Abundance of cuteness (and sweetness, from what I can tell )!
As it should be.

Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday! You look so happy and radiant and your two boys are both so handsome! Hope you are having a lovely day.

You look overjoyed with your cake and handsome husband. Zeus had that hedgehog and it was the favorite of all of his toys.

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. What a wonderful guy you have, and one of the cutest dogs ever. I just love the joy in your face and on your post.
Happy Birthday!

So much love to you on your birthday. It made my heart sing to read in your post yesterday that you're feeling happy and fabulous. Now, lady, dish - what kind of cake did you have for breakfast? When you have time, this foodie wants details! Hope you're having a glorious day with Sam. It's a little rainy out there, but definitely not too wet, and pleasantly cool enough, for doggie adventures.

Angie- so great to share your fun. Happy birthday! Keep the good times going and cheers to Greg for knowing how to create an awesome celebration.

That's the best breakfast ever and your happy expression shows it! Everyone looks fab, you, Greg and little Sam.
Enjoy the rest of your special day!

Happy birthday, Angie! And many more

What a lovely day you have planned. So glad your birthday falls on a relaxing weekend and that you get to celebrate in style. Happy Birthday!
All the best!!

That is the biggest cup of tea/coffee I have ever seen. Great photos of you and your family. Sam is just so unbearably cute. Love the sweater on you. Have a great day!

Oh my goodness! Adorable overload times three!

Hubby always knows that I enjoy celebrating the whole day with good eats. How did you celebrate for lunch?

Happy birthday dearest Angie!

Such great pictures! I just love that you shared them with us. Could it be that you ate a Kouign-Amann pastry?

Gorgeous family I hope it's been a lovely day.

Happy Birthday Angie...special day from start to finish. You are so beautiful and happy and your "boys" are pretty fab too!

My dear pups have a hedgehog toy just like Sam's! It makes grunk sounds instead of squeaks.

Looks like a yummy Birthday breakfast!
Do you have Cafe's there that don't mind you bringing your Pets?

You look amazing! Happy Birthday!

Oh you are all so beautiful! Xx and that little Sam....

I love your positive happy attitude and I hope the day has been super from start to finish!!

Your smiles, and Sam's bright eyes speak volumes! What a lovely and special day. I hope this year brings great happiness!

I love it!!!! Happy Birthday! What a perfect day. And might I add that your hair looks amazing!?

PS Lexi says hi to Sam....

Happy Birthday lovely Angie! What a treat to see these pictures! Sam and Greg are captivating and you shine, as you always do.

You are a Radiant birthday girl! So glad that you shared these beautiful pics with us! Your boys are so handsome and that cake looks delish! Happy birthday again!

Wow, what a beautiful set of pictures, thanks for sharing.
It warms my heart to see how happy you look, and the softness in your boys' eyes when they look at you.
Sam is so darned cute! Lexi too! I want one under/on my bed too!

I am so glad you had a fantastic birthday. You deserve to be spoiled rotten and have lots of cake and cuddles from your boys. Happy birthday Angie--I am so honored to share a birthday with you because you are such a big part of my life! Cheers!

I said happy birthday one day early and now I have the chance one day late. I love the picture of you in front of your birthday breakfast - you look beautiful and delighted! Greg and Sam are lucky guys and you are a lucky lady to have them!

So glad you enjoyed your special day, Angie. You and your handsome boys make such a lovely family.

Oh my goodness, what wonderful photos! You look gorgeous in your sweater (and the hair!!) and so delighted over your birthday breakfast. Greg is as handsome as ever and that Sam - How do you stand so much cuteness in one little face?? I hope the rest of the day was extra special as well.

What a lovely birthday you had, you sooo deserve it! And thanks for sharing all the photos, I don't know which I love more, the blue sweater or Sam and his hedgehog friend

Happy happy happy birthday, dearest Angie!!!!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to wish you earlier. My Wi-Fi connectivity is sketchy here on holiday as I was island hopping most of yesterday & today.

You're a TREAT in your gorgeous bday goodies! <3 Greg sure is DASHING....what a handsome man. And you're DIVINE in your bday dress....simply to-die-for. Lil Sam is precious as ever...his photo makes me miss Emma & Xena!

I hope your bday is the BEST. You deserve to be celebrated all week long (and then some!) because you're the nicest, warmest, most special girl in the whole wide world. Sending you lots & lots & lots of love from Thailand <Muah>