Thanks to AMAZING ANGIE I took a risk and scored the Tadashi Shoji gown she recommended for me.

Back story in case you need it - we are part of a wedding in Nov. We will have a small part in the ceremony where we stand and are seen by everyone, so I wanted the dress to be perfect.

All Knowing Angie to the rescue. She recommended the dress below so I had faith. Sold out on Nordstrom but found on eBay for 60% new with tags. used buy it now, crossed fingers and waited.

It arrived and it fits. It is perfect. SQUEE!!!

Sleeves, check.
Beautiful dark blue, check.
Lightweight, check.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. I can't thank Angie enough.

Now - on to shoes.

Some elements of the day will be outdoors and other inside. DH thinks I need to wear some sort of block heel. I originally had my eye on the Ivanka Trump pumps (in nude) but now that I try the dress on, I think I need as high of a heel as I can tolerate bc the dress is quite long. I don't want to risk altering it.

So here are my needs:
as comfy of a high heel as I can get
size 8.5 med or wide OR 9 med
color preferences: nude or silver metallic

1 - how the dress will look on me (hopefully)
2 - Actual color of the dress shown on thinner model
3 - Ivanka Trump shoes in the colourway I like

1 - Ivanka Trump pumps (find wouldn't work for the color I want)

Input appreciated.

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