A dress I rented for this weekend is too long in the torso for me. It has straps about an inch thick at the shoulders, and there’s just too much fabric for it to lay flat on my shoulders. The dress fits me well otherwise. I don’t have time to experiment with getting another size - i’m either going to wear it or go with my backup dress.

I need to know if there is anyway to temporarily sure in the dress straps. I know sewing a temporary stitch is often a solution for people, but I do not so, nor can I rely on the fact that I’ll be able to encounter someone who can do it for me before my event. I’m afraid of safety pins puncturing the dress. ( I saw old advice on here about using safety pins on the inside of the dress but I’m not sure how feasible that is.) I made a quick attempt to do something with him tape, but I can’t figure out how to work that without it being on the outside of my dress and catching my hair.

Can this be temporarily done without stitching, or should I just send the dress back to rent the runway and go with my back up? I need to decide tonight and execute my decision tomorrow, basically. I’d vastly prefer to wear the rented dress. (I should know better than to order address that isn’t strapless because of my torso, but last time I did it worked out well....)

ETA I’m a realist. My backup dress options are a black long halter gown with a black sequined band around the waist, or a forest green kneee length dress with draping. Neither screams May wedding, but it IS an evening wedding and the dress code is black tie optional (husband will be in his tux). Which option is better, in theory? No time to post pics of me in them....

ETA 2: never mind, the black dress is too long for my new shoes. Going with green,