A lot of us add inserts/insoles to our footwear and I'd love to hear what brands/styles everyone uses. Name them, and describe what purpose they serve. Finds would be great too if you have them.

I'll start. All the ones I have are drugstore brands (CVS)

Heel orthotic inserts designed to help with plantar fasciitis that I wear in the boots that needed them. These totally solved the problem.

I use simple "odor eater" types in a few shoes, very thin, help a little in keeping feet dry but don't totally solve the problem.

I've been trying ones that add a bit more padding to shoes that have thin soles but so far am not loving any of them because the ones I've found end at the ball of the foot and do not extend to under the toes. These could also work to make loose shoes fit better but I'd want them to go all the way to the toes.

I bought some felt to cut and make inserts for one pair of tall boots where my feet get a little cold but I haven't done it yet. I was hoping this would make them a little warmer but the foot is fairly snug so I can't add much.

Over to you!