I tend to use my black bags in autumn and winter, i have listed my bags for spring and summer.

I do switch my bags seasonally. Or at least I did, when I wore bags! Now, I pretty much carry one of my RM backpacks wherever I go -- hike up the hill, or into town. I can stash it into my pannier on my bike.

But the main thing is colour -- I want something lighter toned in spring/ summer. Here are my current options....but the light grey leather RM needs to be dyed a darker colour due to stains, so it isn't really part of the equation any more. I would love another bag in that pale grey -- it worked with everything.

I find cognac really lovely with navy and black on me - I use it to warm up/lighten up those cool dark colours that are not my very best. But I can see on you that it is not quite the same reason. I can see you in a navy or denim outfit with cognac bag and footwear though!!

I also agree with teal or cool greens, or cement/light grey, or even the right blush might work.

I thought of you when I saw this : the perfect soft green . It’s from Matt & Nat ( vegan leather ) .

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LIsaP, I kind of love that Fossil you bought....

Suz - I quite love it too . Sometimes the beauty of design and construction and colour and materials used overwhelms me . Like words and images do to others . I didn’t need it - but it was just simply , me .

I try to coordinate my bags with footwear so that it at least blends. I like light colors for Spring like pale pink, aqua, mint or citron green, peach, or yellow, but my most used in Soring are metallics or pale tan or pale grey or black and white. My favorite, too worn out to use, Is a white leather satchel with black bottom and rolled handles. I so fat have not found a good replacement or it or for a light silver metallic bag.

Everyone, your bag collections are inspiring me and a joy to look at.

Lisa, I LOVE that bag ... hmmm, just starting a new p/t gig, methinks the traditional 'first paycheque' purchase might be sorted

Since I have a collection, I tend to go lighter in color and weight when shifting to spring-summer bags. The open detailed rose gold tote, for example, doesn’t get used in the winter, and the dark brown and black tote doesn’t get used in the summer.

But for the last year I have been using the Minkoff backpack so much that it’s looking shabby. I’ve gotten every penny’s worth of use out of it, and I’ll continue to use it, but it does not look pristine anymore, it’s rather RATE. I think I need a new, lightweight, neutral metallic everyday bag.

This is mine - the origami bag from Canadian retailer M0851 - and I love it. Made in Canada, from lambskin leather, it is luxe, but slouchy enough to be casual. it is roomy, but light, and just the right blue to act as a neutral. It brightens up any outfit. Check them out!

I love the cartoon! I like the idea of green. I have been searching for the perfect olive or teal green handbag and footwear for years now.

Helena - great! I hope you find something like it !

I’m awaiting the teal bag, which was a preorder from La Flore Paris. They make ethical, sustainable handbags from cork! That will be an every-season bag, and it converts into a backpack as well.

My current spring bag is the Kate Spade Remedy snagged from The RealReal after weeks of stalking. It matches a surprising amount in my closet and holds just enough- phone, wallet, keys, mask, sunglasses, hand sanitizer. I recently added most of my wardrobe to the Stylebook app, so now when I want a new item I add it to the app and play around making outfits to be sure it works with the rest of my closet. This has been surprisingly helpful in curbing my impulse shopping.

My former spring bag was the Kate Spade bunny bag shown. I love it, but I was always too nervous about scuffing it or messing up the ears and tail (yes, it has a full white puffy tail on the back!). Plus, my partner gifted me the black cat version of the same bag, and when I want a novelty bag I grab that one. So I sold the bunny and bought the plaid bag instead.

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