After a big cull, I’m down to a very small and uninspiring hosiery assortment and would like to refresh it since we’ve finally reached the brief not-freezing/not-sweltering season here in New England, so it’s prime hosiery time.

Right now, I have two pairs of Boden tights that I like quite a bit, solid dark grey and solid navy. I also have two pairs of Hue tights that I don’t love because they’re not as stretchy as I’d like, but the colours (black and eggplant) are very versatile.

What I’d like to find are some semi-opaque brown, black, and navy, and maybe some opaques in fun colours that would work with my current wardrobe: perhaps olive, burgundy, and mustard. They need to be very comfortable and very durable, otherwise I will just reach for Athleta leggings instead, or wear pants.

Two brands on my radar are Snag, which has awesome inclusive sizing but their non-neutrals are all a bit too poppy for me:

And Calzitaly, which I’m told are very well-made and comfortable, and they have all the fun colours I want.

Anyone have other ideas? I’ve considered going high-end, like Wolford and Sheertex, but I’m not sure I can justify the price, unless they really will last much, much longer.