No more excuses, time to turn to holiday gifts. The Mom of 10 and 8 year-old boys suggested that we get them some techie gifts this year. (They have mountains of Legos and games and I don't think Mom wants more of these.) Before I turn this project over to techie Grandpa DH, I'd like some ideas. DH will be thrilled of course, having given up the idea of getting computer type gifts for members of our generation who just aren't going to use them. Nope, nobody our generation is going to get an iPad or tablet this year.

The older boy texts with me once in a while. He's also made some Lego videos for me to see. The younger one learned how to call me on Skype before he was 2. Yep. He's not yet into texting though.

I usually buy them books and games, which they like a lot.

Any help?