You look great - as always!

Perfect! You have a gift for mixing color and texture.

This really plucks at my heartstrings because it looks just like something I would have worn back in high school or college in the 70s -- in the best, best, possible way! You look fab!!!

Thanks MaryK! It's so interesting to me that this turned out to be such a retro outfit. As I said before I get stuck in the 70's with plaid midi skirts because my default is pairing them with tall boots. I think I might try switching it up with a round-toe Mary Jane and colored tights for a 30's /40's look.

I missed this post, DV! I love the sweater with the skirt! I'm a fan of midis with tall boots, too. Kudos to you for trying the regular and the petite to get just the right fit!

Yeah Beth Ann -- that is exactly why it takes me so long in the fitting room I have to try on EVERY size.