Angie challenged me to post a picture of me using my beloved but unused bag. I have had this bag for 15 years (purchased in 2004) and rarely use because "it is too good". Bought for me by my husband because he knew that Coco Chanel was a style hero of mine and to celebrate a promotion at work. 

When we bought this, we had walked into the city (a walk of about 5kms at the time from Balmain into Sydney city centre), so I was wearing hiking boots, jeans and was looking and feeling scruffy. My husband said he would like to treat me to a Chanel handbag and I was very much "I can't go in there looking like this..." to which he replied that if they were snooty or refused to serve us, then we were not buying anything. I remember walking in the Chanel boutique on George Street (a very up-market street in Sydney) thinking "Please be nice to us...". Fortunately the sales assistant could not have been more lovely - and yes, I selected my bag. It means a lot to me, a gift from my soul mate, a once in a lifetime purchase.

So today, my husband and I took our son to his ju jitsu lesson and popped out for a coffee at a great little cafe in our city centre. I took the bag and enjoyed wearing and using it. So the challenge is to now make up for lost time and enjoy a special gift.

Angie - you are a good influence as last night I had a glass of wine in the good crystal too.... now I just have to get over using the good china. I am not joking on that one either, I inherited a Wedgwood dinner set from Mum that she never used because it was too good. I am pretty sure that like hoarding, this mind set gets passed down from generation to generation.

I want to change my ways, no more hoarding (serious 6 monthly edits are in my future) and using and enjoying the "too good to use" stuff, because at the end of the day it is just possessions after all. My husband was thrilled to see the bag eventually get used.

Top - Cue
Jeans - JBrand
Shoes - Dimario - very fun but unfortunately the gold foil flakes off a bit - so I just will wear and enjoy until they get too shabby. 

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