Teri's absolutely amazing hair and make-up got me thinking about why I do so little with makeup, and also why I make an effort to rough up my naturally sleek hair (in its normal state, it would like a Brazilian blowout).

So one issue is sheer laziness, of course, at least with makeup. But I think it's because although I admire the "finished" look on others, it doesn't seem to suit me in personality or lifestyle (from the rock gym to court to after-school activities), and it gives me that same feeling of being not quite myself. And when I do want to step it up a level, it's not all that hard.

On the other hand, since being on YLF, I've added a leeeeetle bit of "polished" style that has suited me better than I expected. My rough edges are more deliberate now.

So y'all know I'm Team Rough Edges. How about you, and WHY?