Hi friends ... I feel I like in mental chaos and so have been quiet and not focusing much on clothes the last few weeks ... during this chilly and dark time of year, it's leggings and sweatshirts for me

BUT two recent fails have been REALLY bothering me, so I'm entering the YLF confessional to share

1. The Frank & Oak fuzzy scarf. I am really sad about this one. It was a splurge-for-me to spend on a scarf. The colour is absolutely lovely but the volume is just not working ... my lifestyle involves practical errands in and out of the car, and outdoor activities that need activewear and puffers ... just not the vibe for this swooshy scarf, or perhaps the style just doesn't work for my personal taste and comfort? And then, to top it off, it got dirt on it and when I washed per instructions it came out very pilled and messy-looking All in all, this was meant to be a treat but I feel I just flushed this money down the toilet and added to landfill. I will keep it for the remainder of the season to see if it can be salvaged but for now it's a sad thumbs down and I don't even think I'd donate it. *sigh*

2. The Blondo taupe booties. Haven't worn these more than once - sadly just enough to make them non-returnable. I have almost the exact same pair in burgundy and they are a comfy as can be but alas, they've changed something in the design. These are hard on my feet and the toe box is super uncomfortable for some reason. Again, annoyed because these ticked all the right boxes and yet still ended up a big waste of money. Again, I'll keep them a while to see if they are salvagable or fill an occasional need where a little discomfort is tolerable ... but I suspect these are also going to donation (at least they are in perfect condition for someone whose feet they'll agree with better).

GRRRR!!! Okay I've had my whinge and feel better now (kind of lol). On the bright side my bargain camel coat has been getting loads of wear which is good!

Any successes or fails you'd care to share? xoxo