We will be relocating next week to a town about 2.5 hours away. Apparently the weather there is a bit different than where we are now.

The times we have been there recently it's been cold and windy in the morning (today was around 42F/5.5C) but warms up considerably by noontime (today was 70F/21C).

Talking to locals the recommendation is to layer.

I've also recently gotten some more sporty / MOTG outfits. I built this capsule, see pics 1-2:
2 toppers
2 tops
2 pants
New sneakers too

We will have a yard so I expect to be more active outdoors. Hence the gear. Not sure how I feel about this but it does suit the new lifestyle.

I would like suggestions on what to look for in terms of a jacket. Should I plan on wearing a top, a soft topper like the 2 I show here and then some sort of jacket/coat/parka? I'm lost here bc I haven't really had to dress for cold in many years.

I was thinking along the lines of a packable down coat (example shown north face pic 3) but the more I think about it that may be overkill and maybe I would be ok with something like the Lucy jacket shown in light grey in pic 4? And then there's what pulls at my heart strings, the Boden Mac (pic5)due to its adorable print. But I don't think it works w the sporty / gear items.

Other considerations
I run hot
I hate bulk
For some reason I want the jacket to cover my butt
I think the temps referenced above are probably about as cold as I would need to plan on
I need size XL so lines that run small won't work

Suggestions and input welcome. Thanks in advance and sorry for my absence then coming back for help .. Moving is not fun but I am sure it's worth it this time.

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