Despite my resolve to not venture into the clothing department, I just couldn't resist today. And as if to reward (or test?) my resolve to not buy any more clothes for a while, I stumbled upon a pretty nice pleather moto jacket. I looked high and low on ebay and other sites for a re-sale of the Ann Taylor Bagatelle Cream Moto jacket which everyone has raved about so much to no avail. This jacket has a nice cropped length, the sleeves might be a big long for petites, has a nice soft feel to it and comes in cream and black. I wish I could get both colors but since I limited myself to one I just had to get the cream. I cannot find it on the site and don't have pictures on hand. I'll try and post the pictures today or tomorrow.

Has anyone else seen or purchased this jacket? Give it a shot if you've been looking for a nice little faux leather jacket.

If it meets YLF approval, I will be super happy because I have been wanting a cream moto pleather jacket for SO long.