I love summer dresses, but when I wear pants, I prefer soft, lightweight, tapered pants instead of wide. My inseam tends to be too short, and wide pants feel less comfortable than swishy skirts.

The problem is that tapered pants are harder to find and none of mine fit. I ordered the WHBM pants (they haven't arrived yet), but am having trouble finding others to try. I actually prefer rayon/polyester, but am open to linen or cotton, too. I've ordered a pair of lantern pants like the jeans recently popular on the forum, but will probably not be seeking more. Joggers might work if they aren't tight at the ankle, but skew a little too casual.

Any suggestions?
[ETA: I can't figure out how to attach the WHBM pants from my phone, but they're the Floral Print Soft Knit Ankle Pants].