How many members are no shorter than 5’8” or taller?
I’m around 6’1” and I was wondering what clothing and shopping struggles you often struggle with?

For me finding clothing long enough in store is the biggest struggle, especially jeans!
Often jeans are either too short in length for my long legs or slightly big in the waist, so unless I can get away with cuffing or wear tall boots I usually have to get the longer inseam but slightly larger waist and belt them to compensate. Much of my shopping is done online for taller inseams which is more expensive.

Shoes are another struggle, usually I am a 1 1 or 12 shoe and often these sizes aren’t sold in store or are limited quantity, my foot fits but my toes are long and it makes it hard to fit properly. I end up sizing up or ordering online but sometimes the shoes/boots feel a little loose due to me sizing up.

Tops generally aren’t hard to find, though with my long torso sometimes regular fit end up sitting much higher or right above my waist, so I do end up buying some tall tops.

In general being tall means spending more $$$ on special clothing sizes