Down to two pairs of jeans and reevaluating their role in my wardrobe. I was considering converting to a different style of pant. However, I’ve reconsidered, reinvested, and renewed - adding several pairs of jeans to my closet in the past 3 months.

Historical: One thing that has been consistent from early days is a preference for dark wash jeans. No faded, light wash jeans, or distressed jeans for me! I’ll take mine as dark and pristine as they come, traditional straight leg and medium to high waist - and do the breaking in myself.

Transitional: White jeans were a HEWI 8 years ago, but have become a wardrobe signature that I now wear year ‘round. My affection for these wardrobe workhorses show no abating.

New: the (really) high waist. The 9 in. Hanna High Rise were my favourite jeans for 8 years, until discontinued. After several cycles of buy/return I’ve landed on a traditional Levi’s jean with an 11 in. rise, and even one pair with a 13 in. rise that are a coloured jean. Silhouette is conventional straight, and even non-trendy skinny.

So, for the time being, jeans will continue to be a big part of my style. How about you? Are you jeans all the time, for off duty, or just for chores? Do you like them light, dark, or coloured? Traditional or trendy? Show the jeans you are wearing, or that you want to wear.

(My jeans in Finds - I doubled up on the white, and hacked one pair for a frayed hem, leaving the other finished.)