Excellent plan! Have a blast and be sure to share pics when you find some colors you like!

Thanks efbgen for answering my question about the EWG. I will check it out and see if it has any Australian or NZ brands. Thank you for the thread Carla- it has been fun and you inspired me to clean out my lipstick drawer! I have 8, of which only one is nearly finished. Several are fairly new replaced this past summer.

Coming late to the topic, but I've been using a little darker pinker/redder color of this for a few weeks and I really like it. Very smooth, sort of glossy. To me this more pink coral would match your skin and red tones in your hair.


I have lots of chemical sensitivities so I stick to Clinique. I have very pale coloring including lips and recently I’ve preferred light, bright colors. I wear the Clinique Chubby Stick in mighty mimosa - often just a quick streak of it like lipgloss before I mush my lips together, rather than a full lip. For nighttime sometimes I wear Clinique All Heart. It’s a nice subtle color.

Love the suggestions here especially since our coloring is similar.

I will check out the Mineral Fusion pencils although I’m sensitive to something their lotion (titanium dioxide seems to be one of the things that bothers me, which is frustrating and dumb as it’s in everything and generally innocuous.)