Hi everyone,
I have ordered an inexpensive faux leather shirt from an outlet (Betty&co) - see pic 1. The cost will be about 30 Euro. I have not received yet, but it made me think about faux leather in general. I don´t want to make this thread about ethical questions, but merely about quality and comfort of the materials and I would like to ask you about your experience.

What puzzles me a little about faux leather clothing is that most of the fabrics seem to be made of polyester coated with or mixed with polyurethane. This is the material of both the inexpensive pieces and the really pricey ones. Of course I understand that there are other aspects such as design quality, brand, manufacturers etc. But I wonder if, given that the material in itself is all polyester/polyurethane, there is a huge difference in the actual fabric's function. For example - will the pricier items be more "breathable", will they look much more like real leather, will they be softer/more comfortable and more durable?

I have only two faux leather items in my wardrobe, both inexpensive and bought on sale. A pair of olive pants from H&M bought cca 3 years ago for about 5 Euros and a black skirt from KappAhl, maybe about 10 Euros. I am quite pleased with the trousers, still have them and wear them sometimes (pic 2). I have not worn the skirt much, but it is mainly because I don´t wear skirts in general (pic 3).

Do you own and wear faux leather items? What is your experience of the various kinds?

- the shirt has arrived this evening and I must say I am impressed. I didn’t know what to expect and it was not expensive, but boy it looks good. It looks like very soft well made real leather shirt. It is difficult to see that it is pleather without touching it. It is very soft and the stitching looks very good. I also tried all the snaps extra carefully and they seem to work fine. So far so good. Tomorrow, I will try some styling and wear it a little at home to see how it feels in terms of heat and breathability. I look forward to the matching pants, they have not arrived yet.

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