My Birks are the closest thing I have to clogs. I like flexible soles on shoes, so I don’t think the rigid wooden heel would suit my feet. Love the look of the ones you have posted.

Clogs get two thumbs-up from me and look forward to your try-on photos and reviews! I love the vibe.

I currently have a house-only pair of Clark’s that I wear if I’m standing for long periods, cooking or crafting. Not cute, but comfy!

Only clogs I own are these Haflingers. Bought them last year for winter house slippers. Warm and comfy. Can’t wear the wooden soled clogs because I am a klutz. Always impressed by those who can walk so gracefully in those shoes!

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It sounds fun kkards! I don’t think they were a “thing” here in NZ in the 70s/80s so much, I don’t remember them and I was fairly into fashion at that age ( teens and twenties).
I think for me, I am not a fan, but for you and some others I will be. I love it when DonnaF posts pics of hers, they really seem to suit her.

Clogs are cute, but after a nasty injury from a fall, I am hesitant to wear them.

I succumbed to the lure of the clogs and ordered a pair of Troentorp peep toes (on sale) to replace the Dansko Sophie’s that gave out last summer. I kind of love them. Assuming there is a bit of a break in period but they were pretty comfy today.

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Personally I am not a fan of clogs. They are usually very heavy and my feet slide in them. The ankle is not in the right place for my feet so they are also uncomfortable. Because they are loose on my feet, they are loud when I walk on uncarpeted floors and feel unstable, especially on stairs or even stepping off a curb. They also can make feet look big and heavy.

How did I miss this? I'm not around the forum as much these days -- too much work!

Anyway....FWIW, I wore clogs back in the day. Now I would find them too rigid for a walking shoe -- but guess what? In this pandemic year, I discovered they make a perfect house shoe/ slipper for me! They are supportive, easy to slip on and off, can be worn for a quick trip to put out the recycling etc or throw something in the trash, and generally feel secure and supportive and keep my plantar-fasciitis prone heels off the floors. The ones I got are the Danskos. This style fit me a lot better than others -- which were mostly too wide for me. I sized down in the shoe as well.

I have almost never been able to keep a mule or slide on my feet in all my life, but the clog works better, particularly this one, which "grips" around the arch area (on my foot). I could use the strap but don't bother.

I won't be wearing these outside at all, but I'm thrilled with them as house shoes.

Dansko Dansko
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I have two pairs: One is a closed-back style with a buckle toward the front (an old style by Dansko called "Tamara") and an open-backed, fleece-lined clog with a clunky base made out of an almost athletic-type material (old style by Dansko called "Parson" or "Parsons"). Unfortunately I'm on a computer that doesn't save Finds correctly.

I have an extremely narrow heel/ankle and low-volume feet (average size forefoot, size 38) and never thought clogs could work for me. I found that shopping at a Dansko specialist (The Walking Company) makes an enormous difference. The sales associates really know their product line and steered me toward the Tamara, saying that it was designed for people like me with a narrow heel. They also explained that when a Dansko clog is fitting properly, it's normal to experience heel slipping that would normally not work in other shoes. The Tamara has been such a great, reliable shoe that I have a backup pair still in their box. To my eye, these look best with straight-legged pants/jeans.

Like Suz, I use the Parsons shoe as my house shoe/house slipper. I tried to find a house slipper with enough support for when I'm on my feet around the house and again, it was a Walking Company salesperson who steered me away from the house slipper section and recommended that I adopt these clogs as my house shoe. Even with my narrow heel and the open back, these stay on my feet all day--including up and down basement stairs.

I don't know if I could wear any other type of clog.

Clogs are cute! I would stick to the ones with the stacked heel/sole and summery hues. Just personal preference but I think of clogs as a summertime thing.

Lisa, those snake print Rachel Comeys would totally tempt me! I saw an adorable pair of teal snake print slides in the Rack yesterday and resisted even trying them on because I know clogs and slides never work for me in the long term.

Kellygirl, those are fab--I love the peep toe! Are they navy? I have a navy suede pair of regular clogs that I wear a lot. I also wore a closed-back pair in felted wool as a house shoe, until my Covid-lockdown housemates complained about the noise I made, clogging around :).

love the rachel comey tan suede and hte black suede ones.

please talk me out of more shoes--thanks @lisa ;-P


Kellygirl. Love those!

I was also to order some a couple of weeks ago, but got caught up in some work stuff...but now that spring seems to be here, I’m back on it, i see a big round of orders/returns in my future

@jonesy: thanks! They’re navy. Blues work really well for me for summer and spring. Thanks for bringing Troentorp to me attention. I find danskos run a little wide fir me. These seem to be perfect!

Kelly, those look GREAT! Are they black or navy? Get a nice belt to match

Thanks, Angie! They're navy. I feel so European in them. Fun!

I tried a pair of Walking Cradle Clogs I just loved, so comfy with their cushioning and their range from narrow to extra wide is great, but I have 4 screws in my left ankle from a bad break in '82 and my foot couldn't deal with the lack of heel support, so sadly returned them, but would highly recommend if you don't have existing foot problems. Good luck!

I bought a pair of dansko's with some christmas money to try out as house shoes as I'm always finding my feet get hot during the day in slippers. I really love them, I've been amazed at how much I can stand in them (I try to stand at least part of my day at work). But they have grown a bit too wide in the footbed after a few months of wear. I've been looking for another pair but haven't clicked buy yet on anything. Some of the ones in that vogue article are really cute.

Can't wait to see what you try, kkards. I could especially see you in some of the more tapered-toe styles shown on the site Lisap linked to. You wear refined footwear so well, and I think a clog with a nod to that feel would be right up your style alley.

I've nothing useful to add, just wanted to say that I keep reading your thread title as "Talk to me about dogs", and I'm like: Of course, what would you like to know?-))

Inge, please start a thread about dogs.

LOL JAileen :-)) I was just about to when I saw kellygirl beat me to it:-)

Dang so many like clogs Who knew. I swear I've never found a pair that fit correctly High end or low end maybe one day

Had to jump in, I'm a guy and LOVE them. I'm still rather new to them, about 6 months or so. I have Danskos and now wooden soles as well. Amazing how comfy they are. I wish it was more mainstream, but if not I'm still going to sport my clogs, esp my wooden ones which I like more!! I'll be in them as much as possible at work and at home!!! Glad to see so many others like them, even if they are all women, but it's a club that I am happy to be a member of. Clog on!!