I’m on a classic footwear kick these days, and considering Blundstones for my closet. I never noticed them on anyone when I lived ‘up North’ but noticed them right away as a boot of choice year ‘round in southern Ontario. I’m wondering if they are particularly comfortable to wear because the baristas at the Starbucks all wear them, as does my hair stylist (I forgot to ask her about them), and they are on their feet during long shifts of work.

The idea of a pull-on boot (without zippers) appeals to me, and I’ve grown used to the look of the funny tabs that are an inherent part of the style (useful for pulling the boot on I suspect.).

Are they comfortable out of the box or do they take breaking in? Are they light weight? Do they fit closely or slosh around? Are they warm? Water resistant or waterproof?

If you own (or have owned) Blundstones, what’s your take on the boot and the brand?