For Suz and anyone else who is interested to see the Blundstone Pearl colour. Photos taken under two different light sources. Tried to show the colour relative to white jeans, off-white scarf and beige sweater. Added some grey in the second shot for additional reference.

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So they are sort of a warm-ish cream. Hmm. I don't wear cream as a rule, or brown...but if they work with denim and don't read TOO warm, that is probably enough for me.

I’ve had a pair on my Nordstrom wishlist for a few years…sounds like it would be best to try on in person. Interesting thread.

I'm in Vancouver and went into the Australian Boot company to try different styles on today.

I did not buy anything but came away with some helpful info.

I wear the 4.5 in the women's heeled boot. It fits well and I don't need an additional insole because the tilt of the last and the extra rubber on the heel means I don't get PF from it.

But I want a flatter boot for my walk/hikes.

I learned that I need a size 5 in the round toed or classic boot (women's or regular) but that in order to make it fit even remotely, I need TWO insoles -- the regular Blundstone insole and my superfeet green insoles.

Half sizes, as someone already said here, do not affect the length in Blundstones, only the width-depth. But you don't need a "high volume" or wide foot to benefit from a half size -- it also works better for anyone with a higher instep (that's me.)

I wear a 4.5 in the chisel toe and can fit my Superfeet insole into it.

The chisel toe would probably be my best bet for a flat Blundstone -- but the problem is that the treads on that boot are not as grippy. So I'm still in a state of indecision but at least now I know what size I need in which style and how to make them fit me properly.

I love my well-worn chisel-toes, Suz! I 've been wearing them out in mild winter conditions with no slip issues BUT streets and sidewalks are well salted/sanded by now, which may account for the lack of issues. Haven't worn them in non-sanded winter conditions to compare.

Carol, I know -- I used to wear chisel toes in Toronto no problem. And even in Kingston for a while -- though Kingston is all about the freeze/thaw, and gets awful ice.

That's not the issue here. The issue here is that I walk on trails as well as roads/ sidewalks and the trails are a mix of rock, gravel (slippery when wet or too dry), roots, dirt, needles, wet leaves, etc. So a shoe with a tread is required.

I love Blundstones, but my feet do not. If they don’t work for you, look at Ariat brand.