I'm so frustrated with the Zara loafer situation I want to buy those MD booties out of spite.

Please keep us posted, Suz, on your trip to the "big city" I just realized we have MD locally and since I have no trips planned to the US anytime soon this could be a good source for me for fall updates. I'm particularly interested in sizing. I know you are on the small side of the scale and I'm on the large, but I'd be curious to see how you think sizing runs - basically if you think I'd be sized out.

Thanks and really beautiful finds.

Okay - I will look, abc, and post back.

Viva, if you buy the boots out of spite you will still be feeding the Zara monster since they are the same company!!

Lovely stuff!

I think this might be the second or third velvet blazer I've seen this fall?