They were slower to ship in Canada than Zara, but same parent company, so same packaging and method for returns.

So glad we are coming into warmer weather! Great finds.

I'm the worst person to talk you down! I'm addicted to Massimo Dutti! I love the quality of the knits!
I have those wide leg jeans and want the knit vest that is on the same photo!
The knit burgundy sweater is also on my list, comfy and warm!

i've also been drooling over half the stuff on their site. and let me add these beauties

Those are all gorgeous! No help am I?

You weren't wrong about the colours and them suiting 'Autumns', the blue cape with drape collar is the perfect shade of soft, light navy for me.

Wow, I see I am not alone here.

Diana, I thought of you when I saw all the teal.

And Janet, too.

Well, actually, I thought of myself first, but since we are not competing for sizes, I am happy if we all buy it up.

Una, I think Inge is a source of info on this company. She buys from them. And listen -- if Rute loves the knits, they must fit petites!!

Which might be bad news for Sarah and Gigi, among others...

Diane, I'll bet a lot of these colours would look great on you.

Jeanne, you would look amazing in that long vest!! Not Maude. No way.

Ceit -- great info, good to know. I was hopeful about that.

Chuckling along with many of you. kKards, did you have to direct me to bags, too? Sheesh!!!

I haven't pulled the trigger. I'm going to look in person and make a decision then, and will probably only purchase one or two things. Something in teal, and maybe the cropped sweater if the length works on me.

Also sinking deep into that site. Suz, you have the most incredible knack for finding gorgeous items. Love so many of the things you posted, and of course it is so easy to see them all on you; you know your style so well.

I would love to see their items in person, too -- must check my travel schedule!

I really love the plaid tunic. I have been looking for a long plaid to to wear over skinnies and leggings, and I seen and touched a lot of plaid shirts already this season -- and although they are everywhere, they do vary widely in terms of quality and shape. So far, nothing has seemed right (and prices have been all over the map -- in fact, the uniquitous Rails tunic plaids, which are everywhere, are $120 - 140 US, compared with this top at $110). So I think you/we (ha!) might be well justified in spending this much for just the right one. I love the fluidity of this one, the length, and the colorway.

Suz, you are becoming more and more dangerous!

Yep, Suz, as you observed this summer, you're getting too good at finding items that work for your style!

You could go look at them on Sept. 27 in lieu of IngeFest. Even if you purchase several items, you'd still be SAVING serious coin, compared to travelling out to Seattle! (Can I rationalize or what?!)

Ooooh, those colors are so gorgeous! And there's definitely no harm in a few nice, new sweaters. I'm actually wondering if I need that burgundy turtleneck myself.

FWIW, I've browsed at a Massimo Dutti once or twice, and I definitely got the impression that things were lovely materials and good quality.

I know, I know...the boots!!!

Well, I guess it is okay for us to look and dream. This is the first real crop of autumn clothing to come in...(since NAS, I mean) -- at least on the Canadian sites.

Just trying to figure out how large I want my fast-becoming-large wardrobe to be!!! And how large I can afford to make it, LOL.

Hmmm. I wonder if I have anything else that needs to be "retired" in order to make room for one or two of these items....

You guys, please stop doing this!!! I am seriously in love with these brown booties. I am dreaming right alongwith you, Suz!!

I love the cape with slits. I bookmarked their website. I am obviously in a no buy period right now, but these look so awesome! I hope you get something and show them off, I will admire them vicariously through you!

*chuckle* I can actually see you in all those items! Such lovely colors and the high necks were made for you!

No help at all ... I know! But you might have juuuuustttt redirected me to Massimo as well on my way to H&M, Zara and Mango o_O

ETA: It is a super bad idea to have all those 4 shops under one roof in a mall next to my house

All fantastic items! Massimo Dutti is too expensive for me, but I love to have a look in the store from time to time just to browse.

Eeep! I just collected 4 items off the website and that was only the knitwear section! They have a UK website, dangerous!. What have you done you naughty enabler

Some beautiful things but I agree I wouldn't overpay for a plaid shirt this season unless it is 100% absolutely perfect and you will wear it until you're tired of seeing plaid. If you are filling needs/wants then no need to talk you down, right? The deep teal is very pretty - I love that color too, but haven't found the right item in it for quite some time. I checked out the linen tee deb linked to, but I think it's too sheer for what I want. The silk is a bit too luxury for my dat to day, and the sweaters are too warm for my climate. sigh. I guess I'll have to live vicariously.

Oh dear everything is gorgeous...and those boots!!!

You are dangerous for me, Suz

I love it all too, Suz. Lots of Modern with a good dose of Classic is a killer way to go to my eye. MD is a brilliant store with gorgeous quality. Super stylish Rute does a lot of shopping there - enough said.

I'll add these guys. The more the merrier. xo

There will be no talking down from me, I'm afraid. Lots of stunning stuff at MD right now, and many of them in "our colours" too, Suz. What can I say, I am an enabler, and not ashamed to admit it:-)

Yikes! I was fine until I saw the bags kkards posted. I'm drooling a bit over that hobo-ish one. Suz!!

Ah Una, about the sizing: in my experience Massimo Dutti does run small (maybe a little larger than current Zara sizes). E.g. the blouses are usually cut on the narrow side, with narrow-ish sleeves. Trousers should be excellent for shorter gals (their regular length trousers are too short for me 99% of the time). I've no experience with their footwear, so can't say whether the shoes run true to size or not, but I have a hunch they do (regular Euro sizes, that is).

Just shout if you need more info.

I am of no use to discourage you because I bought the two blouses bellow and have plans for more.I usually visit the store on Eaton just for fun.
Regarding size, I find that the shoulder line is tricky and the bottoms run the same size as Zara(ie smaller).

This is a new site for me and I'm hooked! Can't wait to see what you get.

Angie, I just collected most of what you posted. I had tried to restrain myself last night, but no luck!! Obviously I need to make a trip to the store.

Inge, thank you for piping up about sizes. That is really helpful.

If they had a plaid jacket, I'd be totally done for. They do have a checked one but it is more muted than I want. Oh, well. I guess it gives room in the budget for more of their gorgeous knits!

stunning, Suz! Like Diana, I ooh and ahhh over the teal.

And I hear you on the wantsies. The stores have been playing straight into your new style direction for the past few months.

I think the subtle shift in silhouettes (to fluid, longer or more cropped, but fewer traditional fits) is in full flower now, so even some of my more recent items that fit just are thrilling me anymore, and my eye loves the new things I'm seeing.
I need to get in my closet and do some new styling of my current items -- get more creative with what I have (although that "seven" thing is driving me nuts -- more to come on that). I don't want to by needlessly because I'm a lazy stylist!

The bags and the shoes are fab, the leather is fenomenal and the prices are not too expensive!

Rute --thanks for the info on the bags and shoes! its so hard to tell quality from a picture!

Would you guys please STOP? This is killing me! This store is totally new to me - and I love everything I see here ....and the prices are great too!

Suz - can see you looking ultra cute in the cropped sweater and plaid tunic - so cute in fact, that I would like to copy it!

And the wine coloured boots viva posted - oh my heart.

Thanks for more on-line ordering trouble i can get into !