Dear YLF,

(Sorry, long rant. Cliff's Notes: I liked flower prints now I need stronger stuff)
I have been noticing that my style preferences are changing slightly. I believe( maybe erroneously ) that at the core everything remains the same. I am still a classic dresser in the sense that the items I am drawn to are still the same, the way I assemble outfits are still rooted in the same principles, even the cuts and fabrics have not deviated so much from what I would wear some years ago.
I have just realized that if my outfits were just outfit scketches and none of what differentiates them ( color, texture, shine) was visible they would be very much the same outfits. And that is fine by me, I like the functionality and praticality of thinking about it this way.
However, the little bits that give an outfit or item of clothing the interest and personality like the secret ingredients in a recipe are changing.
I used to be very (dangerously?) atracted to floral patterns, all kinds of floral from ditzy to cabage roses, but since last year I have been shifting my preferences to other types of prints.I still gravitate to prints in my prefered colors but have been really enjoying the retro prints currently available in retail. Somehow they feel less apologetic, still reflecting my more romantic and artistic side but in a bolder more coming of age perspective.I feel that I am finally catching up externally to the grown woman I am inside. I am not the compliant and well behaved only child anymore but a smart opinionated woman.
This Fall I also decided to participate in the new knitwear trends with 2 ( not that cheap) sweaters from Old Navy.
I have worn the cardigan quite a bit in several ways including the late 90's revival of wearing it like a sweater with no visible underlayer but still have to incorporate the half zip one in my daily outfits. Hopefully will do so once the weather gets a bit colder.
All of the recent items in Finds below.
Thank you for indulging my rambling.
Please feel free to share any toughs or stories or personal light bulb moments.