I'm now full on into wardrobe editing today. Gotta get this finished and bags into my car before DH gets home from work. Plus I'm now in the mood to purge ! What do we do with boots that haven't been worn this winter due to a total shut down of restaurants, bars, and other social dress-up activities. I have several pair of booties that are far too dressy to wear now - heels are now higher than what I want anyways, and are all-of-a-sudden too dressy for everyday mundane errands. I still want a few pair of nice black booties for work , but I haven't touched my navy patent western style booties and calf hair animal-print boots (as an example) since late in 2019. I have 2 pair of cream /ivory boots that haven't seen the light of day since mid 2019 either . If social outings ever are an option again, these boots will now be a good few years old, and will I want to wear them again anyways? Feet change, heel height comfort levels change, etc. Do I bag these up for donations too? Storage is definitely an issue for me- so keepers must service me well - there's that phrase again.

What are you all doing with footwear that succumbed to the pandemic?