Well, I'm cleaning up for guests this weekend, and decided t outo pull the summer suitcase today (yes, we store much of our off-season clothing under the bed in luggage…). It’s worse than I thought.

Looking at what’s in there, I realize just how many summer clothes I’ve purged over the past couple years, partly because much of it was too large (purchased as maternity or post-baby wear), and also too worn out (three years in Las Vegas meant my warm-weather clothes saw LOTS of use — more than half the year). Last year I got rid of three knee-length dresses. I’ve added two new dresses, but have my eye on one or two more. I got rid of three lightweight skirts, too, and have only added one. I currently have two pairs of non-gear shorts, but neither pair fit very well nor are they in very good condition. So that's a huge hole. I’m pretty set for t-shirts and tanks tops and committed to not buying any more this year. I do, however, need at least one long-sleeve linen top, as the one I’ve worn in previous summers is HUGE on me now (I’m back to my pre-baby bra size, so I have a lot of oversized tops, some of which I’ve decided to part ways with.

I’d also really like to add a couple of white or light-coloured toppers specifically for spring/summer use, which is something I’ve never done before, happily wearing my black/grey/olive outerwear year round. But I definitely need sweaters and light jackets all summer, since evenings are cool (and buggy) where I live, not to mention lightweight long pants. I’ve added chinos and wide leg crops in cotton twill, both of which will work fine for all but the hottest summer days, but I still need to add another pair of linen pants (possibly duplicate my Uniqlo pair in a different colour) for days when shorts aren’t enough but other pants are too heavy. Also, sandals and a sunhat, plus some gear replacements. Ugh. That’s a lot of shopping. At least I have my swimwear taken care of!

summer shopping list:

  • linen pants
  • linen or cotton shorts
  • swishy skirt
  • linen sleeveless dress
  • linen or cotton dress with sleeves (half or 3/4 sleeve)
  • linen shirt (long sleeve)
  • white sweater
  • white/light cropped denim jacket (or it could be a short linen topper)
  • maybe a second pair of cropped wide leg pants
  • sunhat
  • casual sandals (black or dark brown)
  • small crossbody bag


  • cotton cropped leggings
  • road running shoes
  • running shorts