Love this look Lisa! You wear it perfectly!

This is great! I love the pom pom on the sweater! The extra detail that shows a sense of humour and fun. You look great in calm neutrals like this. I don't find the oatmeal sweater too long. I have a high tolerance for long dramatic sweaters. More than a tolerance. I actually love them.

Wow, I think this look is fantastic. I'm one of those people that simply cannot find joggers that I feel that are flattering on me. I put a pair on the the other day just to make dinner and had to go change as I couldn't stand myself in them.
You really have mastered this .

I wrote on Angie’s athleisure with coat post that I’m not comfortable going out of the house in athleisure, unless it’s for actual exercise. But, seeing your fab example, I have to take back my words! You have just massively elevated my concept of what athleisure can be. I love the calm colors on you, and the textures are wonderfully appealing. You look fab; I’m really glad you posted!

And yes, I totally get it about it sometimes seeming like too much when you have to factor in a mask on top of all the other cold weather paraphernalia.

This is such a great look for you, Lisa. You always manage to pull together outfits so well. I find joggers a problem. I look like a complete slob. They look so stylish on you.

I am so sorry to hear that you are not comfortable here. I miss your input. I did buy that brown corduroy jacket from Pop and Emm.

I have been re-thinking my reluctance since yesterday. I don't see leggings in my immediate future but sweatpants, which can very often be found in all cotton and styles that are more tailored, could work for me as daywear, especially with a non sport coat.

And then here you are wearing the very combination and looking truly fab.

You know you will always get a big thumbs up from me on the athleisure outfit. I was tempted at some point by that BR reversible coat, too...thanks for getting it for both of us.

You look great. I never think someone in polished athleisure looks like they aren't making an effort to look nice, or just ran out of the house without thinking. I think they are energetic, youthful, and probably athletic. All good things!

The pom pom really is adorable.

Maybe I should look in to athleisure considering the way I've been looking this days. Love your look!

Wow, I think this look is fantastic. You look amazing. I wish I could wear an athleisure so well. You really wear that the best way.

You mastered it for sure and look fab in these, Lisa! I think wearing polished athleisure (what is difference to sporty luxe) with such a panache obliges to be an energetic, youthful, fit and probably athletic person--which you surely are! That is the key, IMHO. For ex. I am unfortunately more plump and steady, with other life demands and environment- so this look wouldn't be authentic on me-that's why I don't (and feel like I can't) do it at the moment. Please post more of these for training our fashion eyes and provide RL inspiration.

You work this look so authentically Lisa. I think is a true reflection of you feel and what you feel good in and it shows.

Agree 100% with Deborah!

Thank you SO much , all of you, for the lovely comments. It makes my time on the forum really wonderful. I do feel authentic and *me* dressed this way, and I don't see it changing any time soon.

Please also know I am reading almost all of the forum posts and while I'd like to comment and participate, I'm still protecting my sanity by not opening myself up to unnecessary conflict . We'll see how it goes

Just saw this Lisa and love this look on you. Like Deb you wear these looks in a very elevated way. I know you love sports/gear (viewing and participating) and this is part of your heritage so I think it is very authentic - this shows!!

Sorry you are not feeling comfortable posting too much but I understand.