Honestly, I have no idea if this will interest anyone but me. This post began its life as a reaction to Anchie’s comment on Sarah08’s post. I removed it from there, because I thought it was rude to post such a long comment about me in someone else’s thread. I meant to move it to an old post discussing my wardrobe, but the only thing I can find is this collection, with a note at the beginning that looks very rambly, because it isn’t possible to use tab or paragraph returns there.

Anyway, it’s all about my once and future wardrobe. Things I have here are in finds; things on the way are in the note at the beginning of the collection.

In trying to coordinate purchases here with what’s coming, I have mentally divided my winter wardrobe into several cool capsules, similar to Anchie’s system. (Y’all are probably starting to think that “the shipment is on the way” is a tall tale. I told them to store it for a few weeks while we were traveling/changing apartments (but still in a sublet) in October, then asked them to deliver it on Nov 1, and I’m still waiting.) Here are the capsules, as I recall:

Black & white patterned dresses and skirts, generally worn with black, though I want to try more colorful tops, tights, and shoes with them now.

“My” fall colors—raspberry & cranberry, with blush pink and brown supporting pieces. This capsule started out as last year’s Florida fall challenge, but as I packed, I augmented it with warmer pieces, like a full chocolate brown midi skirt and a cranberry turtleneck. My green pants will fit in here, as will the blue/purple/cranberry midi skirt.

Bright jewel tones. Several strong blue dresses, a corduroy paisley skirt with blues and violet and greens I love, green and blue sweaters.... This is what I expect to wear with my black pants, and I expect my tweed jardigan will work with the blue dresses.

I’ve been thinking that when I get everything sorted out, I will probably take pictures in groups, because nearly everything was purchased too long ago to be in finds. But seeing Anchie’s capsules, I’m not so sure—maybe I should take individual pix & post it all in Finds after all.

I think I have about a dozen pairs of cold-weather footwear, from pumps to boots. I don’t have them divvied up between the different clothing capsules, because most of them work with more than one capsule. I’m looking forward to mixing my red boots with the black & white patterned items, but think they will also work well with my fall colors, the black footwear works with black & white, but also with the stronger colors, I’m looking forward to the brocade ankle boots with jewel tones and my fall colors, etc.