1.) I'll give y'all some long, boring backstory to explain why I'm looking for what I'm looking for. I share my workspace 3 out of 4 nights with a co-worker who, while absolutely delightful in every other way, runs extremely cold. I meanwhile am menopausal. We compromise and keep the office temperature warmer than I would like and cooler than she would really prefer. Sometimes when I am flashing, however, I would really like the option of removing a layer for 5 or 10 minutes. The problem is, my under layer is generally a tank top/cami, and I cannot sit in work, even for 5 minutes, in a tank top. OTOH, my layering options are limited because I hate the feeling of sleeves under sleeves. So having pondered this for 2 years (ha!), I've decided that maybe a very thin cap-sleeved t-shirt for layering might serve me. I could sit in work in a cap -sleeved shirt for a bit without feeling inappropriate. But the tee would have to be a.) thin enough and close fitting enough to layer without my feeling homicidal but b.) not so thin as to be see through. Not picky on neckline but a very high crew neck is not my best look and obviously I don't want any v or u necks that are low enough to show cleavage. Basic neutrals like black, white, gray, and oatmeal would be great. Has anyone seen this unicorn???

2.) Both my Anthro and Athleta cargos have come in the mail. The Anthro ones might just be the best pants in the history of pants and I am definitely keeping them. The Athleta ones I'm on the fence about. I'll try to take pics tomorrow in daylight and post them for opinons.