Hi, everyone. This post may count as therapy for me. Interested in your feedback.

I am re-building my wardrobe from scratch and am currently thinking about t-shirts. 'Til recently my strategy has been to go to drugstore when desperate and get the 3-pack from Hanes or whatever and take it out of our household budget for toiletries/groceries. It's my wardrobe dream to find a line of t-shirts in a cut and fabric I like a lot and then repeat them in a bunch of different colors. I am open to upping the price I pay per tee but haven't yet set a limit.

Thinking about my mom's influence: She is an expert bargain hunter who loves to browse. It's her strategy to shop the discount stores early and often and pick up steals when she finds them. She is in stores often enough to identify and pounce on new inventory when it comes in. I'm sure the average price she pays per top is well under $20 per item.

I don't have the patience for this kind of browsing. Also, I live in a place where there is a higher cost of living and there are way fewer discount shopping options. Also, I'm discovering that discount shopping doesn't really work for me because then I end up with a bunch of rando stuff, some of ill-fitting, just because I saw it on sale.

So, I'm browsing t-shirts online and finding the ones I like tend to fall in the $30 to $50 range. I also like a few that are even more than that but would gulp to go over $50. This feels expensive to me (and I know it would horrify my mom) and is more than what I've spent in the past. At the same time, I am open because my current set of tees is a mess and I need some I can wear in public and not just around the house/to yoga.

I don't need to spend just to spend. But I'd like to find a line of tees that I feel better in. get five or so, and then not have to think about it anymore. I also like the idea of all the cuts/fabrics being the same so they become a neutral-feeling part of my wardrobe.

Do you know what I mean?