Hi there, I have not had time for a photo session to respond to Jenn's challenge, but I still wanted to go through the thought exercise, so thought I'd share my 'formulas' for each occasion (items are shown in Finds).

1. Running Errands

Slim jeans, fine knit sweater, black booties and handbag, necklace and earrings.

2. Date Night

Skinny jeans, black fine knit sweater or balloon-sleeve tee, black booties or knee high boots, handbag, necklace and earrings, bolder lippie.

3. An Important Meeting

Navy printed blouse, navy or black slim pants, cognac shoes (weather permitting) and cognac handbag, or black booties and black handbag.

4. A Wedding

LBD or printed wrap dress and a black clutch. I would probably need to buy shoes for such an occasion, but since I never have a need for pumps or high heel sandals, I would wait until the need arose before buying.

5. Working from Home

Any jeans, striped tee, cozy cardi, fuzzy socks, stud earrings.

Thanks Jenn for the exercise! Makes me realize how truly little I need actually! For example, even though I have more interesting choices for date night, I really am just as happy in my sweater and jeans Lesson learned - for the millionth time - clothing-wise, I like to look AT interesting, but I don't necessarily like to LOOK interesting ....