This month's SYC challenge has been really educational. I managed to refine my day-to-day uniform and actually felt like I had myself sorted. There were two situations, special occasions, that really threw me: a bar mitzvah + after-party and a "casual cocktail" dinner party at a friend's house; neither of which I thought I could pull together with what I had. I've been able to identify holes in my wardrobe and will start working on my dressy capsule.

I took advantage of Boden's Black Friday sale yesterday and ordered a few things. I hope to find one skirt that will work with a handful of my current tops and at least one updated blazer to replace a few jackets that I passed on. All items are Boden, except for one Zara blazer (DH calls it "grandma's ugly couch" blazer but, for some reason, I am drawn to it...)