It's supposed to be a "feels like" temp today of 103F, with high humidity. Ugggghhhh. I'm on my third summer since I moved to South Carolina and I'm starting to solidify some things for the hottest months: most cotton, poly, and rayon knits are too heavy and stick in the humidity. I need to focus on either linen knits, performance/athletic knits, or lightweight wovens. Denim is basically a no-go June-August unless I need it for protective reasons. And I've been buying more short-sleeved tops rather than sleeveless; I'm OK with showing my arms but short-sleeved means I can be a bit less careful with the sunscreen, and I think it looks more put together without much difference in cooling.

My extensive collection of cropped chinos, printed sleeveless tops, and lightweight cardigans for the a/c worked great for an office job in CA, but not well for weekends/evenings in SC. I still have most of them but they hardly get worn, esp during the pandemic.

I need to re-up my accessories game, and start wearing small necklaces and earrings again - my piercings have closed and I need to go to a piercer and see if they can get opened up again - since it's way too hot for a third piece most of the time. I also need to be OK with spending on sandals, since I spend so much of the year in them.

I guess I don't have a question or a plan, yet, just some stream of consciousness rambling. Anyone else feel like their hot, humid summer dressing is on point, who can give me a clue?