We have talked about this before, but I am interested in any workhorses that have surprised you. They might be statements or essentials or completer pieces. They might be older pieces that suddenly got a new lease of life, or new pieces that you didn't expect much from...

  • My denim shirt cost $5 and was a second hand purchase a year ago - I didn't analyse it deeply at the time, I just brought it home after trying it on over the outfit I was wearing at the time. I have tried a lot over the years and none have felt right (some have been returned, one or two kept and donated very quickly). This one from an unknown brand feels so comfortable and right on me. I adore it and wear it regularly.
  • I also struggled with denim jackets over the years - but after asking the forum about boxy cardigans, a couple of comments about the usefulness of denim jackets as a spring topper made me try again. My one is from an affordable online retailer called Ezibuy - and the blue was perfect, the fit was good. All my summer topper problems were solved. What to wear over a sundress, what to wear with cropped flares, what to wear for that first cold hour at work in the morning....This one is not on trend - although I don't know if boxy and oversized or shrunken is the current look - this is a good tailored fit that can be done up firmly, but I always wear it open.
  • I was browsing on vacation on the 30th of December and saw this dress - I was open to something new, and the white linen sundress felt so fresh. It became my summer go to dress - with the denim jacket, with birks or dressier sandals, BBQ, New Years Eve Parties or cocktails with friends... It was a case of the spontaneous purchase being exactly the right one for me.
Lessons for me here - be open to buying when you know something is right (the white dress - I may have twirled), and be open to keeping on trying when some versions don't work (the denim shirt and denim jacket).

Over to you - what are your current workhorses that you didn't predict?