Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to getting dressed. I assume anything involving more than one layer is going to drive me nuts and make me look like a square box. Now, I ONLY participated in this one because I remembered I had this Banana Republic sweater that was featured in one of the pictures. This is a grown-on sleeve silk blouse - I think I've worn it a grand total of once about 3 years ago , and in a perfect world, would be a bit longer to really peek out from under the sweater, but it seems to work. I love a popped collar, and although this is a soft one that would not stay up on it's own, the neck of the sweater keeps it up and showing. I actually don't mind this - no sleeve bulk, and because the top is super silky and thin, it doesn't add much bulk. Can't get around the square box effect of the sweater - it is what it is. I will say, I do appreciate how the collar and bit of shirttail adds just that extra touch.

I'm sorry for the photo quality: it doesn't seem to matter how much I clean the mirror, the sun picks up every single speck of dust and magnifies it . One of these days I'll find a better place to take pics.

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