I have a VERY small head. It's child size but I'm an almost 47 year old adult. The circumference at the widest part is 52cm (20 inches). That's fine, because this says nothing about the size my brain! And since I'm extremely small boned, the size of my head works with the rest of me.

I battle to find hats that fit because I need a child's size. My straw cowgirl hat from AZ is a child's size and fits perfectly. But it does not pack. I need a hat that I can pack into a suitcase and my bag for sunny Summer days. It has to be straw because that's what I like.

I ACTUALLY found one that's not a children's hat (which is better because kids' hats fit, but often look juvenile). It's a packable straw hat that's made for very petite women's heads. Nice quality and affordable.

Not all that chic, and the brim is only just wide enough - but absolutely good enough because my pickings in this wardrobe item are less than slim. Sun protection is stylish. Full stop. I'm going with Modern Retro, and channelling Maria in, "I Have Confidence...."