Hi everyone! Almost back to school time, and starting to think about fall wardrobes, despite the continuing hot weather! Just musing about my summer wardrobe and a few things I've learned (or re-learned, as is so often the case!), and thought I'd document and share!

  • Despite investing in several cute pairs of shorts and dresses in various prints and colors, and a few bright and colorful tops, my most worn pieces were rolled up jean shorts, white shorts, and simple tees and tanks in gray, white, blush and navy. The color bug always bites me in the spring, but I'm back to my usual neutral palette by mid-July!
  • My dresses sat virtually unworn - not sure why - think it was just because it was a very active summer for us.
  • I wore really nothing on my feet but Birkenstocks all summer long; therefore, it truly is worth the money to keep them new and fresh-looking.
  • On the other hand, my beautiful lilac Converse sat virtually unworn - perhaps in the fall? I think I would have worn a white pair a lot more. Darn those pesky neutrals again!! They are always saying "I told you so" to me
  • I used my LePliage tote all summer - so practical, that it might be worth getting a navy one for next summer (mine's black)
  • My hair was an unstyled disaster all summer - can't deal with blowdryers when it's hot. I need to invest some time in learning one or two decent polished ponytail techniques for sticky summer weather.
  • Despite swearing off more gray purchases in the spring, I really enjoyed wearing gray with white this summer, even more than navy and white, truth be told - there is something easy about it and it's great for toning down the look of my ruddy cheeks in hot weather. So, contrary to what my instincts would tell me, I think gray is a good summer neutral for me, where navy is better for the other seasons.
  • My biggest take-away is to keep it incredibly simple in summer - this is definitely the time to indulge my minimalist tendencies, since it's all about ease and practicality in July and August.

C'est tout! Looking forward to assessing the fall situation once the kids are back in school and I can find a free day to myself!

What did anyone else learn about their summer style?