Dianna’s recent posting on how to build a good summer wardrobe reminded me that I wanted to throw a question out to the forum on summer tops. One of my least successful wardrobe areas last year was/were summer tops. I ended up with mostly very casual and boring ones. My summer is only 2-3 months long abut can be very hot and humid for some of that time, and I have a casual lifestyle where I’m not in air conditioning very much. I don’ mind having a collection of t-shirts but I’d like to also have some nicer looking tops. I HAVE learned a lesson about avoiding synthetic tops, since they are usually not at all comfortable in the heat, so I’m going to look at cotton, silk, linen for this year

I thought I’d put together three finds of similar tops, and try to analyze the differences, and ask for your options. These are tops with white/blue/black prints in similar colors. You can’t necessarily analyze the fabric by looking at the finds, but you can analyze shape, print, etc.

1. A linen/cotton knit tshirt I bought last year but didn’t wear much, not sure why. I don’t do tucks or semi tucks but would instead wear it untucked. I thought it was a bit dressy but didn't feel that way about it once i tried wearing it
2. A custom find Brooklyn shared in a recent 30x30 posting.
3. A find Delurked posted in a recent posting on best/worst buys of 2017 (I think it was in her worst list due to something about the fabric)

I think what makes #2 and 3 somewhat dressier is the cap sleeves and the curved hem. For #1 the t-shirt style (sleeves and hem) is definitely more casual. I wonder if the prints themselves are also part of what makes it casual vs. dressy…maybe #1 is a traditional floral print where #2 is a more modern abstract print?.

Of course the choice of bottoms etc matters too...dressier bottoms make for a dressier look overall.

What say you? Would love to hear all opinions...