I would love some feedback on updating my summer casual sandals. I took some time to photograph all of them on my feet to get an idea of what I have and how they are looking. Some are admittedly looking a bit worn, or I’m tiring of them.

#1-12 (each pair shown from front and side) are my top six. Some skew a little dressy for my current life (the LDTuttles in 7-8 for example) but these are pairs that are in good shape and I plan on wearing this summer.

#13-34 are second tier for various reasons:

13-14 I love the snake print and neutral mix and the style but they’re getting beat up and my little toe escapes the side sometimes. Unsure whether to keep.

15-16 I like the pewter and they’re pretty comfortable but the strap is a little shirt and the buckle comes undone sometimes. Again, unsure.

17-18 I like how they look on my feet but somehow don’t reach for them very often. Unsure.

19-20 I haven’t worn them a ton, but I have already bumped the toe enough to damage the suede. Unsure.

21-24 I still like and they’re in good shape. Not worn often but I like them with certain outfits. Keepers.

25-26 have gone unworn since I bought 1-2. I just don’t wear gold so
often. Unsure.

27-30 I have worn to death. They are workhorses. They don’t look bad considering but they’re wearing out and I could probably stand an updated style in a flat black and flat rose gold sandal. Keepers until I find great replacements.

32-32 same basic style as above. Still in good shape and wear occasionally. keepers.

33-34 not sure if I should keep. Dated for my style? Unsure.

35-36 I wear these to death and they’re showing it. Ultra casual, will probably keep for knocking around the house, but I could use a really great flat silver sandal replacement.

37-38 old as dirt but I love the butterfly print. I keep them to wear around the house. But these demonstrate my need for a fun print in colors I like. Clearly I get a lot of wear out of this slide style.

Now for the closed toe spring-summer shoes:

39-40 are slowly dying. I’ve worn them to pieces because they’re great with or without socks, and comfortable and a bit rock’n’roll. I could use a replacement for these but I’ll hang onto them Intili find that.

41-42 just bought last fall and really enjoying. Keep.

43-44 Cute and comfy but I’m not feeling them the way I used to. Unsure.

45-46 workhorses, but starting to show the wear. Keep.

47-50 I haven’t been wearing my slip on sneakers as much since getting the rose gold lace-ups, but I think worth keeping?

51-52 are new. Love. Keep.

53-54 workhorses, and starting to show the wear but have life in them. Keep.

55-57 show my non workout sneakers (yeah, the burgundy ones are pretty grungy, for ultra casual wear only); my only pair of loafers (total workhorses and starting to show it, dusty from the desert), and my oxfords. These are all keepers for now. Love the oxfords and should wear them more often.

Ok, if you got through any of that, I thank you!

Let me know what you think needs to go, and if you hav suggestions for updates to my worn out workhorses. I don’t want overly classic or dainty — I need my summer footwear to have some presence and cool factor!

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