What a fantastic lineup of your summer outfits Suz - all of these are so stylish and perfect on you in so many ways. I don't think I could pick a favorite either 8, 10, 14 and 18 are some of the ones that standout to me.

Your summer outfits are gorgeous, I admire your style. I LOVE outfit no 6 especially!

You wear clothes so well .A masterclass in summer dressing.

You look amazing and those dresses fit you too a tee.

YES I think you nailed it. And interesting about the sizing and needing two different depending on sleeves/sleeveless. This was my first Boden order and my hunch is I'll be in the same boat.

You look so relaxed and confident--not to mention beautiful!--in all these outfits, you must be feeling very much at the top of your game. I especially love the J. Crew floral set and the drop-waisted dress in #3. The silhouettes are feminine and sophisticated, and the prints are fabulous on you.

Thank you all so very much -- I will be back to respond individually tomorrow -- have been travelling all day. Much appreciated! xo

There is something so different and so striking about Eleanor on you. You are wearing black and white very well.

Sweet sister! These are all fantastic. My absolute favorite is the blue gingham dress. You certainly hit the dress jackpot this year!

Wow Suz. You’ve got summer style sorted. I am SO impressed. My favourite is no 1 but really they are all fantastic. And you look gorgeous!

Wow, you are having a styling summer! These are all great, love the 2-piece dress and the other dresses but the jeans outfits are great too.

You are so amazing stylish!

Every one of those outfits is spectacular!

And I am so glad the dresses are working. It took time, but dresses with length came back, and you are rocking them!

Suz you have THE best summer style. Love them all. Just beautiful.

Wow! So hard to pick a favorite, but I especially love #4 and #14 and those red strappy sandals! I love that your wardrobe is very cohesive and your pieces play well together.